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Our Application Process 



We are now working with a customized software and portal system for all vendor applications. This system is designed to minimize any miscommunications, technical errors and will create a much more streamlined application process on the whole.

You will need to create your new vendor profile on the system in order to apply for our markets There will be a one time registration fee of $10 for our main markets in Tampa and St. Pete. Once your profile is completed you can apply for any and all markets you want to attend and great news, you can apply to the entire season at once! You will be able to easily check the status of which markets you have applied to, whether you have been accepted, if you have paid your invoices and much more!

After you have submitted your application, our team will review your application for any issues. Once your application is reviewed and deemed eligible for curation you will be marked as pre approved and sent an invoice for your registration fee. The pre-approval status means you are eligible for the curation process of our markets. This does not however mean that you are automatically accepted. Once applications on a season close, we will begin our curation process. As soon as curation has completed, you will receive a notification letting you know whether you have been accepted and a corresponding invoice for the market booth fees.

After curation has completed, you will receive notification of your status via email. Green accepted next to the date of the market means you have been accepted and will receive an invoice. Orange pending/pending assignment means you are on our waitlist for the event and will be contacted in the event of a cancellation.

Thank you for understanding our space limitations and rotation process within each category. To better serve the community, we are always working on ways to host more vendors and improve aspects of our event. All suggestions are most welcome!

Please see the acceptance dates below. Vendors applying for seasonal markets will be accepted at one time per season. Pop ups have their own acceptance and payment schedules.

Payment- Vendors will receive invoices once accepted. Vendors may pay for these all at once or by the individual deadlines indicated below.

We will be adding in new Pop Up applications throughout the year, so stay posted for updates via email and social media for new events.

If you have missed the deadline for any season, please visit the cities pages to be added to a wait list, we will be using those lists to fill in cancellations and open spaces throughout the season.

If you have any questions during the application process, please feel free to reach out for technical support.

The Indie Team!